Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 18th

I slept weirdly last night. I went to bed really early, then had crazy dreams, woke up, slept more, woke up and ate, watched some YouTube videos, slept more, had more crazy dreams (one of which involved forgetting to blog, ah!), and then eventually it was morning. It was a lot of sleeping, being tired, waking, feeling very awake, then feeling quite tired...and today I've felt pretty sedentary just about all day, and I know my schedule's off because I'm eating at weird times. Now I'm super tired again. My sister is currently getting over a "mono-like virus" and I wonder if I caught it from her. At least my cold seems to be gone. But all I want to do now is nap. I'm all backwards! Cas is being a really good sleeping buddy though. He's been sleeping in my room for awhile now, and he doesn't try and bother me anymore. He's such a good boy.

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