Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2nd

My cat has notoriously stinky poops. After he does a poo, it is customary for me to spray air freshener and shut myself in my room. (Living in an apartment with a cat is great, right?) I'm not always at home or awake when he goes, so it's not a huge deal because his litter box doesn't stay smelly, it's just right after he does a poo that it smells.

So I'm hanging out in my room tonight and Cas comes in. I smell something kind of funky and assume he just pooped. No big deal. But suddenly the smell intensifies. Like really, really bad. I'm thinking there's been some sort of poop emergency, but the litter box just looks normal. I come back in my room. Terrible. Literally gag-worthy. I sit down on my bed and lo and behold, Cas managed to have some poo stuck to his backside. Which was on my comforter.

Yes, there was fresh, notoriously stinky cat poo on my comforter. And because I'd grabbed my comforter to investigate, it was on my fingers.

After thorough hand-washing and then additional hand-sanitizing, I went back in my room. The smell was lingering. I combed through my carpet, stripped my sheets...no more poo traces. Just phantom poo smell.

So now the comforter is in the living room because it smells like hell's bowels and I have to get it washed tomorrow, and I'm in my room that vaguely still smells of poo.

An enjoyable experience overall, really.

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  1. Well... I always knew there was a reason Ew and Poo rhymed...