Friday, September 26, 2014

September 26th

Well, my bathroom ceiling is gone again. More leaking. More bursting. But this time it happened while I was away sooo my bathroom got soaked. Including my two new bath mats. I still have the receipts and tags for those so they might be going back. I don't know what was in that ceiling water, but it's probably not nice. It's also going to be awhile before they can come fix my bathroom again and I'm supposed to be down in Minnetonka next week when they ~might~ be coming, which is a problem because I can't leave Cas there with them. I worry about him. He could run out the door or they could step on him or something. And I'm definitely not going to keep him in my room for that long. My bathroom here is cursed! But hopefully the bath bomb I bought yesterday is not. I don't think it is. It smells like Froot Loops.

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