Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14th

The sleepies are getting me. 

I woke up feeling great this morning. I felt like I was all back to normal. I got dressed all cute, did my makeup, it was nice. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond with the intention of also going a few other places since I have some giftcards, but I got bad tremors again leaving BB&B, and they got especially bad driving home. It was the full-body akathisia, not just the leg bouncing. So I stayed in for the rest of the day, feeling pretty lame. Now I'm thinking I'll take a little Ativan and sleep. I have to actually do stuff tomorrow, so sure, 6:39 PM seems like a reasonable time for some sleep. 

Not working is hard. I miss working. I also miss paychecks. How do I pay my bills? D:

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