Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 5th

Lucky's Place in Sauk Rapids is totally cool. It's a true no-kill shelter- even antisocial or FIV+/FLV+ cats are welcome. They also house pregnant cats. The cages are bigger and nicer than at most humane societies, and they don't look or feel like those awful medical-grade metal cages that so many shelters use. The shelter is a converted barn and cats are allowed to walk around. (FLV+ and FIV+ cats are kept sequestered.) It's owned by a woman who also lives there so it's always open as long as she's home. They also have several horses available for adoption.

This is where I'm thinking of adopting my cat from. I've been there twice and really love the place, the owner, and of course the cats. I might also volunteer there! (And then I'd get to hang out with the horses, too!) I'm excited.

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