Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 3rd

Well, I finished all of my ear infection medicine today, but my ear is still a little plugged. I'm thinking of going back to the Minute Clinic because it's really annoying me at this point. I can hear fine, but I haven't been able to completely hear out of my right ear for about ten days now.

Today I paid bills and watched Adventure Time. I am sort of an adult! Also, I heartily recommend Adventure Time. I wasn't convinced I liked it until a few episodes in, but episodes are 11 minutes long so it's not like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or anything. But unlike a lot of animated shows, there's continuity and character development, and every once in awhile it catches me off guard with a really dark joke or situation. The backstory is surprisingly intense...I like it. And there's some good social commentary peppered in for good measure. The first two seasons are on Netflix! Go watch! The first episode set is crap and I almost didn't watch anymore, but it gets a lot better after that. And there are sweet voice actor cameos from George Takei and Levar Burton and other badass people.

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