Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29th

Got through episode eight of Game of Thrones with my mom last night. It was super fun, except I didn't get much sleep and had to wake up early and help my dad move his piano out of his house so we could bring it up to my apartment. It was really, really hard. Undoubtedly the heaviest, most awkward thing I've ever had to move...and we had to go down stairs with it. I am cut up and bruised and I actually exerted myself to the point where I almost passed out, and then spent the next half an hour trying not to puke. And my dad and I were taking water breaks, it was just so hard to move that we could move it like...three inches at a time. Fewer when we were going down the stairs. We would literally lift it, scoot our feet a little, and set it down again. And these stairs were outside in the sun because we couldn't fit the piano down the stairs in the house. My dad has a wraparound deck on his house though, with stairs coming down (12 steps, a landing, then four more steps), so we just took it out the front door and down the stairs. (The house is on a slope so the main level is at ground level in the back but about 15 stairs up at the front. It's confusing. I'd show you a picture but I don't want to put my dad's house on the internet.) Anyway, now I'm tired and sore and thankful to have tomorrow off from work.

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