Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23rd

I seem to have messed up my sleep schedule. Driving through 11 counties in a day apparently is not good for my sleeping habits. I'm not inherently against long car trips, but I'm a very tense driver at night and in places I don't know, so yesterday was hard on my body since a lot of the trip was in the dark on a road with no center divider and the possibility of deer. (I actually saw some deer and after that, every time I saw anything on the side of the road...mailboxes, slightly taller weeds, you name it...I tensed up.)  and no central divider means cars are coming at you at 60+ mph and they're maybe a foot or two away from you. Driving out in the country and not on a highway is awful. I saw a pheasant though, and a really gorgeous lake at sunset, so there were two cool things on the road. Mostly just anxiety mixed with boredom though. 

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