Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9th

I went to Meg's funeral today. I think Meg would be happy to know that her funeral was held on Carl Sagan Day. I had never cried at a funeral before today, but Meg kept incredible company and thus there were some wonderful eulogies given. (They were also incredible because Meg was incredible and it comes as no surprise that her life should give way to inspiration and profundity.) Meg was so caring and so bright, and as Paul put it: "You need big, huge, massive stars in order to get a super nova. And, these stars live very short, exciting, energetic lives; they die at a very young age. And when they die, they explode in a spectacular super nova, throwing themselves throughout the universe. [...] Meg did not die of heart failure. Meg went super nova." 
Meg, you are dearly missed by so, so many people.

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