Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6th

I am very, very sad to say that my beloved workplace of a year and a half is closing. My good friend (read: CEO) Mike Jeffries is pulling the plug on Gilly Hicks, and Gilly merchandise will now be sold through Hollister. I'm going to try extra hard to pick up some hours at my store before we close, because my god I'm going to miss that place. I might buy some more La Perouse just for nostalgia's sake. I know Abercrombie has a bad reputation, but in my year away from school, I found myself at Gilly Hicks most days, and I really did love it. There were obviously things I didn't like, but it was like my second home. The smell of the store, the crazy loud music, the ridiculous look's sort of comforting to me, the insanity of it all. And I know it sounds super cheesy to be this attached to a job, especially one where most people who work there are so flippant about it, but dammit I like working there. I like Gilly Hicks. And I'm gonna miss it.

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