Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st

Today was airport hell.

I got up early to get to the airport two hours before my flight, since there was pre-clearance customs. (Doing customs before you leave instead of when you arrive.) I went through pre-clearance, bought some juice and water bottles, and waited for my flight number to show up so I could go to my gate.
...and it didn't. Turns out the flight was cancelled, and no one told any of the passengers. So we waited around for a representative to help us. We waited for a long time. I found out I'd be re-booked. Instead of flying from Dublin to JFK and then JFK to Minneapolis, I'd fly Dublin to Chicago to Minneapolis.
We al had to go reclaim our bags and check them again. When I tried to check mine in, I was told that the flight I'd been re-booked onto was actually full. I was sent to the Delta counter, to the Aer Lingus counter, and back and forth. I finally managed to get a seat on the flight to Chicago, but I had to go through security. Which meant I'd wasted a huge amount of money on the bottles of water and juice I'd bought, because I had to throw them away and buy new ones.
My original flight was meant to be at 11:20 AM, and the new flight was at 3:30 PM, so I had time to kill. I found out that my seat was awful and not by a window. I was originally in an upgraded economy class window seat.
I was very lucky to find someone who switched seats with me so I could have a window, but the flight was still pretty awful and long. No sleep, just podcasts.
When I got to Chicago, I had to reclaim my bag and check it in to the new flight. This went without a hitch. Then when it was time to check me in, it said I wasn't on the flight. And the flight was full. So I was put on another new flight, this one finishing up boarding as I was being booked. So I had to fly through security (which was hard because the guy in front of me had the worst security line etiquette ever) and literally run to my gate, which happened to guessed it, the farthest one away. Literally at the end of the line. So my sweaty panting self got to the gate and the guy told me I was really lucky to have made it. I got on board and they immediately closed the boarding gate, so I got there just in time.
Now, here's the fun part: my luggage was still on originally re-booked flight, the full one. So after I'd landed (safely back on the ground after lots of turbulence), my bag wasn't there. I had to wait at the baggage claim for an hour so the other flight could come in. And I just wanted to sleep. In fact, I'm going to do that now, because I'm so tired that I feel disconnected from reality. The only thing keeping me grounded is the fact that upon exiting the plane, I noticed a huge canker sore on my tongue, which is currently hurting a lot. Talking and eating are so painful, but I want to do those things.

Anyway, before I fall asleep at my keyboard...

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