Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31st

Horrible news. I decided to take my laptop into the Apple Store because the backlight kept going out when the screen was tilted at certain angles. It wasn't a huge deal, just a bit annoying, but I figured I'd see what they could do. Well, my laptop is still at the Apple Store, and it'll be there for 3-5 days while it undergoes major invasive surgery. With a 10% success rate. I may need a whole new laptop...and I would have been fine dealing with the stupid screen but nooo, the guy was like ordering parts and asking me if I'd backed up my data (which I did recently, whew- though I hope they don't fuck up my computer because I literally as I am typing this I realized I didn't back it up after I made my new travel itinerary with ALL my London details and directions FUCK FUCK FUCK I can not lose that document. Oh Apple Store, please do me this solid and don't ruin my computer. Now I'm even more stressed about not having my computer. This is Harry Potter's birthday. This is supposed to be a happy day. I have all the anxiety! This is not good! Oh universe, please be in my favor in this first week of August. There is a lot I need from the universe this week. Fingers crossed!

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