Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26th

I do my best not to talk about work on this blog because I don't want it to bite me in the ass someday, but let's just say today was not a good day. Long story short: one of my coworkers made a mistake that she didn't acknowledge until much later, which ended with me having to stay late. However, one of my managers was totally awesome and helped me fix said coworker's mistake, and I didn't have to stay as late as I was originally going to have to stay. Awesome managers make up for stupid coworkers.

After work I decided I probably ought to use my $10 off coupon that Victoria's Secret sent for my birthday. I was originally just going to buy something pretty cheap, like for $12, and then it'd only cost me $2. However, a total miracle happened instead. Backstory: At least three months ago, I was in VS with a different coupon, and I had no clue what I was going to buy. I tried on a gorgeous black lacy bra as well as some yoga pants with a sweet cosmic waistband, and I loved them both, but ended up getting the yoga pants in the end. The next day I decided I really didn't need the yoga pants, and that the bra was more practical. I went back to the store, and the bra was gone. Every bra in that style, every color, gone. I asked a sales associate about it, and she said she didn't know which bra it was. I told her where it was located before, and even the name of the bra, and she was clueless. So I left. I asked one of my coworkers about it, because she worked at VS too...she didn't know what the bra was. I kept checking back, but the bra never showed up.  ...Until today. The bra was there, with the same name, in the same colors. And they had my size. And they were having a deal where you got a pair of matching panties for free if you bought the bra. So I bought the bra, and I am so ecstatic. I literally had thought about this bra so often since I didn't purchase it the first time around, and now I get to own it! I ended up paying $20 for the bra plus the panties, which is amazing. So in the end...not a bad day, despite work being less than spectacular.

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