Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13th

Hello lovelies! I am doing a serious room clean at the moment, and it is exhausting. I'm so sweaty! I have a really bad habit of not doing laundry unless I have to, instead of just doing it once a week or something, so sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming, and then I put it off because it's intimidating, and then even more laundry piles up...anyway. I keep finding weird shit in my room, too. Like, stuff where I look at it and think, "Wait, why did I keep this?" Cleaning is such an adventure!

I also discovered that my asshole dog ate the crotch out of another pair of my underwear. They were pretty new and I'd only worn them once, but they were one of the pairs I got at Gilly for $3, so the loss isn't too painful. I'm just glad they weren't any of my favorites, or a really fancy pair! Thanks for going for the cotton ones, Darcy.

I wonder how many pairs of underwear the average American female owns.

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