Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26th

Day Three: Looking for Merchandise

There are three ways to go shopping.
One: I already know the exact product I want. I have seen it before either online or in stores. I just need to find it and buy it.
Two: I know the sort of item I want, but not the exact item. I need to look around at things that are similar to the item I'm seeking until I find something that matches what I'm looking for.
Three: I'm not looking for anything in particular; I'm just browsing to see what items are currently in stock. I might not even want to buy anything, but if I see something I like, I will consider purchasing it.

Every store gets all three of these types. However, sometimes these types overlap or blend or combine, and things get messy (literally). So, here's a really quick, simple guide on how to find an item/what to do if you're "just looking."

 > > Customer Type #1

  • Sales associates love when someone knows exactly what they want. If you're in a store with competent employees, we can get you in and out in no time, provided you can help us help you.
  • If you are shopping online and you have a smartphone, email yourself a link to the item you want, or write down the name of the item or at least its price. If you show an employee a picture of the item you want, we can locate it super quickly.
  • Take a few extra seconds to really look at the item you want. If you come in and say, "I saw this sweater online. It's blue. Can you help me find it?", things will be a little difficult for us. We can and will show you all the blue sweaters that we have, but if you get mad at us for not knowing the sweater you're talking about even though the only thing you've told us is that it's blue, that's not cool.
  • Some stores have "online exclusive" items. We don't control which items those are. Also, sometimes we don't have the color/size/style that you want. If you come in looking for something and we don't have it, please don't yell at us. We don't sell out of things with a malicious intent.
> > Customer Type #2
  • You guys are really fun to help! I know I personally love when someone says they're looking for pajamas and I get to show them all of our pajamas and tell them about my favorites and which ones are the best deals.
  • Try not to get upset with us if we don't have exactly what you're looking for. There are lots of store out there, and I'm confident you can find the perfect bikini. It just might not be at my store.
  • We can show you things from the back that aren't on the sales floor yet, but please be considerate. Having to bring out a ton of merchandise is stressful, and it's even worse when other customers start seeing it and asking us to get more and more stuff out of the back that isn't on the floor.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help with finding something! Like I said, it can be really fun to be a bit of a personal shopper for someone.
> > Customer Type #3
  • We're not going to hold it against you if you don't buy anything. (This goes for everyone, really.) But when you have 25 items to try on and you know beforehand that you don't intend to buy any of them, the least you can do is make it easier for us to put the clothes back. Maybe consider not leaving hangers on the fitting room or leaving those sweatpants inside-out. It just takes a second.
  • You might get asked if you need help finding anything. We work in retail, so we do want to sell you stuff. However, in most stores, if you say you're just looking, we won't harass you. Stores with employees who work on commission might pester you a bit more, but just remember that they get paid if you buy something. Don't hold it against them.
  • If you're not planning to buy anything, don't stick around as the store is closing. It means we have to keep the cash registers open longer and we can't start cleaning up as soon because we have to keep an eye on you meandering around.
The most important thing to remember is that these are just guidelines. If you don't abide by these rules, we aren't going to hate you. But following these tips does make our lives a lot easier.

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