Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25th

Day Two: I Can't Escape From These Pesky Sales Associates

I sometimes get annoyed with sales associates following me around and asking me questions, and I work in retail. Which means I am one of those annoying employees. But I have an understanding about the sometimes seemingly incessant pestering in which sales associates partake; it's a necessity.

I know it gets annoying when you just want to shop in peace and it seems like every employee in the store is coming up to you and asking, "Are you finding everything okay?" I know it's especially hard for people who have social anxiety or who don't speak English well or who are in a hurry or are having a shitty day. That's why I'm going to list a few examples of why we sales associates keep talking to you.

  1. Above all else, we do just want to help you find what you need, if you need help.
  2. It seriously deters shoplifters. Shoplifters want to be left alone, so interacting with customers makes fewer people shoplift.
  3. You've heard of secret shoppers, right? Many stores get ranked based on secret shoppers. If you don't talk to someone and they're a secret shopper, the whole store suffers.
  4. At some stores, you can get in trouble or even fired for not assisting customers. So even if you look like you're doing fine and you don't look sketchy, you might still have a sales associate talk to you.
We're not trying to bother you. We are trying to keep our store friendly, safe, and helpful. So when you complain to a sales associate about how you just want to be left alone, know that we talk to you for a reason. And if you seem self-sufficient, we'll lay low. When you call us annoying bitches or say we're stalking you, it's honestly not fair. If your waiter checked in on you after you got your food to see if everything tasted all right, would you complain? We're doing the same thing. We're just making sure your experience in the store is good. So...please try not to yell at us or about us.

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