Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th

Okay people, this week is officially How to Avoid Being a Total Asshole While Shopping week. Every day I will post about one of my biggest customer pet peeves that I encounter all the time while working in retail.

Day One: I Don't Want the Item(s) I am Carrying Around

When you are in a store at the mall and you're carrying merchandise around, don't just fucking deposit it somewhere if you decide you don't want it. It is so, so easy to get rid of your merchandise that is helpful to the employees and the other shoppers, and it takes like zero effort.
  1. If you're on your way to try some clothes on and you decide that you don't actually want everything you've got in your hand, don't just set it somewhere. Bring it to the fitting room with the rest of your stuff, and tell the fitting room attendant that you don't want those clothes. Hand them to the fitting room attendant and he or she will happily take them from you.
  2. If you're about to check out at the cash register and you decide you don't want to be some or all of the merchandise, give the items you don't want to the cashier. There is literally a specific bin under the cash registers for this merchandise.
  3. If you're just wandering around and you've got merchandise that you don't want anymore, and for whatever reason can't be bothered to go to the fitting rooms or the registers, find a goddamn employee. It's not hard to find an employee somewhere, anywhere in the store. That employee will take the merchandise from you.
Here's what you should not do:
  • Don't hide your merchandise under or behind other merchandise. It's annoying for us to find this, and it's inconsiderate to other shoppers who might be looking for this item but can't find it because you hid it.
  • Don't throw it on a random table or in a closet. It looks sloppy and it's rude.
  • For the love of all that is good, don't fucking throw it on the ground. Also, if you drop something on the ground, pick it up. The people who work in retail are not your personal maids; we are there to help you find merchandise and sell it to you, not clean up after you. The store is not your house. Be considerate and pick up after yourself.
I think those are the main things to remember. If you're in a store and have a question about what to do with some merchandise, find an employee. We're everywhere.

This week will also feature handy advice about topics like...
"I can't find my size, is it okay to destroy this stack of clothes to look for it?"
"This sales associate won't leave me alone!"
"I have brought my small child to the store and plan to leave him or her unattended while I shop."
...and more!

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