Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th

Sometimes you put fresh sheet on your bed and then spill milk on those sheets. It's a hard time.

Hotel and flight booking may be occurring tomorrow night. Oh my effing goodness. Also, I had a nightmare last night about getting to London and being unable to find a place at which to purchase an Oyster Card, and the police were yelling at me and Matt Smith was there and so was my mom.

So, my schedule would be: Fly overnight and arrive in London. Check into hotel around noon, fix my jetlag, sleep. Stay three more days in London. Wake up on the fourth day, do last minute things, fly to Ireland, spend that night checking into my hotel and going to a pub or something. Spend three more days in Ireland. Then fly home on my fourth day in Ireland.

Hooolyyyyy shiiiit.

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