Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19th

Lexa has informed me that tonight's Game of Thrones episode is good. I am very excited.

Story time:
At work today, our bulletin board informed me that we would get a new associate discount starting May 18th. My immediate reaction was, "Oh wow, that's next Saturday, that's really soon!" ...I thought today was the 12th. It's the 19th. I run a daily blog. I should know better.

Anyway, I used said discount to buy a very comfy sleep shirt, which I am wearing right at this very moment. It's intentionally really oversized and long and baggy and it is so soft.


  1. My name is not Lea!! *sad faceeee*

    1. Hahahahaha ph my god, how did I not notice that.
      Sooorrrryyyy. :O
      ily leXa. :)