Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th

Good evening, fine folks! Remember how awhile ago I was on about not liking Skins? Well, turns out I must have been watching the wrong season because I decided to start from the beginning since Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray are in the first series and it's so much better than whichever season I'd been watching. If the internet is kind, I might even watch more tonight.

I also need to read more. I could stay up all night reading, really, but I need to be productive tomorrow so I really ought not to do that.

I want to revamp the layout of the blog. I have come to loathe the graphics and color scheme and now that I have Photoshop, I think I might actually be able to make it into something I like.


  1. Wait, what?! You don't like the first season, or did I interpret that wrong?!
    Can't wait for the revamp!

  2. I like the first and second season, but I don't like the third season (when they changed the cast, sans Effy).