Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th


I'm going to eat pasta with SSA now! It's our Pastafarian Dinner and also we're going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I am listening to my Pirates playlist now in preparation. We also find out the result of elections tonight and every time I remember that, my tummy does a little squiggle. I have never run for anything before but I ran for communications/PR chair and I am so damn nervous. Of course it's fine if I don't win because I know I'll still be able to help the organization out in other ways but it would still be really nice to win.

I also have to do a lot of packing tonight. My dad is coming up tomorrow morning to bring about 3/4 of my belongings home so that we don't have so much to do on move out day...except I'm really not in the mood to pack. Oh well.

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