Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18th

If you watch The Amazing Race, you may be familiar with Team Brenchel. They were both on Big Brother 12 and had a "showmance," and now in TAR, Rachel is this massive crybaby who makes everything overly dramatic and a sobfest. So I thought it would be interesting to check out what she was like on Big Brother, since I've never watched the show before and it's on YouTube. I really like the idea of the show (24-hour surveillance, challenges to compete for things like food and nice beds, saboteurs, etc.) but my god, Rachel is ridiculous! She and Brendon mostly just make out and she shakes her enormous boobs all over the place. There are some people on the show I like though and it's pretty interesting, so I'll probably try and finish the season. We'll see.

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